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SH4140-AL Heavy-Duty Limit Switch - Adjustable Roller Lever

Small size Heavy-duty use Limit Switch - Adjustable Roller Lever

SH4140-AL Aluminum Housing

  • Aluminum die cast housing with a strong alumite coating  provides long mechanical lifespan and
    excellent corrosion.
  • A wide variety of actuators for a wide scope of application.
  • Excellent mechanical durability, precise operating characteristic.
  • Exposed screws and nuts are made of stainless steel.
  • Water-proof type, Dust-proof type(IP56)
  • Suitable for the places such as harbor loading and unloading facilities, ship deck machine, construction equipments
  • Custom-made for cold-proof type(-40℃~+40℃), heat-resisting type(+50℃~+120℃)
  • Protection sturucture :
  • Contact resistance :
       Adjustable Roller Lever


Product Specification

Protection Class IP56 
Mechanical Lifespan over 300,000 times  
Electrical Lifespan over 100,000 times  
Allowable Operating Frequency Mechanical 120 times/min 
Electrical 30 times/min 
Insulation Resistance over 100MΩ (DC 500V) 
Contact Resistance under 50mΩ 
withstand voltage between non-continuous terminal AC1000V (50/60Hz per 1 min)  
between each terminal and non-conducting metal part AC2000V (50/60Hz per 1 min) 
shock resistance durability about 1000m/s²(100G) 
malfunction about 250m/s²(25G)
vibration 10-55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm 
ambient operating-temperature range - 10~+55℃ 
ambient operating-humidity range 45~85%RH 

Operating Characteristics
OF max.g : 1,400
RF min.g : 165
PT : 5˚
MD max : 70˚
ACTUTOR : undefined
형번 : undefined
O.F max.N : undefined
R.F min.N : undefined
SH4140-AL about  0.54 Kg
External View 
  • 1.The size allowance not indicated on the above is ±0.4mm.
  • 2.In case the product is installed outdoor or for water-proof use, please use water-proof connector or cable gland.
  • 3.Keep the cable entry airtight by using water-proof cap in case it is contemporary installed outdoor without using water-proof connector or cable gland.
  • 4.Power entry standard: PF1/2

rated voltage
non-inductive load
inductive load(A)
resistance loadlamp loadinductive loadmotor load
normal shutnormal opennormal shutnormal opennormal shutnormal opennormal shutnormal open
AC 125 10 3 1.5 10 5 2.5
250 6 2 1 10 3 1.5
480 2 1.5 0.8 3 1.5 0.8
DC 8 10 6 3 6 6

Inrush Current normal shut maximum 20A
normal shut maximum 10A
Ambient Operating-temperature Range -10~+70℃(Not freezed)
Ambient Operating-humidity Range under 95%RH

1.Upper cost is based on the normal current.
2.inductive load rate is over 0.4(an alternating current),under 7ms(a direct current)
3.lamp load has 10 times inrush current.
4.motor load current has 6 times inrush current.

Circuit System

Contact Point : 2CKT-DB(double 2 circuits)
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