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SCL System has been in the trading and distribution business for control and automation components for the past 15 years. Over the years, we have successfully built our own brands which customers have relied on for many years. 

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Touchscreen Market to Triple in Size

Recent studies by business intelligence specialist, IDTechEx show that the touchscreen market will continue to grow for the next decade, to a startling three times its current size.

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Featured Products

  • IPPC-H07P 7-Inch Arm-Based HMI System
    IPPC-H07P 7-Inch Arm-Based HMI...
  • IPPC-H10P 10-Inch ARM-Based HMI System
    IPPC-H10P 10-Inch ARM-Based HMI...
  • IPPC-H10N 10-Inch ARM-Based HMI System
    IPPC-H10N 10-Inch ARM-Based HMI...
  • IPPC-H07N 7-Inch ARM-Based HMI System
    IPPC-H07N 7-Inch ARM-Based HMI...