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  • DSF D is a Type 2 (Class C) surge arrester according to EN 61643-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11) and UL1449 3rd edition suitable for protecting DC systems from transient overvoltage due to both indirect atmospheric discharges and switching actions. They are also designed for PV applications. Their multicomponent construction provides protection against fast...

  • The DSC D Surge Protection Device is the ideal choice for PV installations equipped with lightning protection system as it provides protection against direct and indirect lightning strikes. The internal MOV's are doubled for each one of the poles and provide very high protection level.  GET A QUOTE

  • DSB S and DSB DP arresters provide protection for Serial RS485 and Dupline® communication lines. Their three stage topology protects against fast and slow high energy surges that may be induced on data lines which are typically long and hence subject to them.  GET A QUOTE

  • DSF A and DSF P are Class II Surge Protection Devices for single phase (A) or three phase (P) applications. The construction eliminates the risk of leakages between phase to neutral or phase to ground. Protection is provided against both fast and slow overvoltages. Contact provides remote indication of fault.  GET A QUOTE

  • DSB A and DSB P are classic MOV Class II Surge Protection Devices suitable for basic protection against indirect lightning discharges and induced voltages of single phase (A) and three phase (P) Ac mains. The devices consist of a high performance Varistor with thermal disconnector. GET A QUOTE

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items