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  • The G34409943824 is a Dupline® 4-input and 4-output module suitable to any type of application. It is implemented in a H4 housing for a DIN rail installation. Several modules can be connected to the same Dupline® 2-wire bus and thus the wiring to the controller can be significantly simplified. GET A QUOTE

  • The Dupline® decentralised transceiver has a built-in SPDT relay for control of a load of up to 8 A/63 VAC. The module is especially designed for applications requiring a flexible, decentralised installation with a separate power and signal (control) bus. The compact size of the module makes it fit in small enclosures. GET A QUOTE

  • Programming unit for Dupline® modules G..(..) .... Provides means of reading and programming of channel codes. Coding of I/O's as either 2, 4 and 8 successive channels or individually for each I/O. Unused inputs/outputs can be defined as non-coded. GET A QUOTE

  • Test unit for Dupline® modules and networks. Monitoring/control unit with LCD-display. Highly recommended for Dupline® system start-up, trouble-shooting and maintenance. GET A QUOTE

  • Dupline® termination unit for removing distortion caused by reflections from the cable ends. GET A QUOTE

  • GTI50 is originally designed as an interface solution for Dupline® GTD50 display, but can be used by all other Modbus-RTU masters. The GTI50 supports ModbusRTU function code "3" (read registers) and function code "16" (write registers), and can read/write all 128 Dupline® I/O’s (incl. AnaLink). The maximum numbers of registers that are...

  • The supply coupling unit is mainly used in those applications, where multiple Dupline® modules of the type G21...700 are to be supplied through a DC-bus. Since these modules use the same wire for the common of the transmission signal and the “minus” of the DC-supply, the G 3485 000 assures proper coupling of the supply to maximise the...

  • SD2DUG24 is designed as a cost-effective Plug & Play solution for interfacing Dupline® I/O’s to control systems. It performs three functions: Dupline® channel generator, power supply synchronization (enables 3-wire system with supply) and Modbus RS485 interface. It is fully programmable via software and the software is free downloadable...

  • Dupline® input module with 4 contact/NPN transistor inputs, specially designed as a part of the Dupline® alarm concept for contact monitoring. The module can be used in connection with G 2196 000X, G3496 000X or G 3485 0000, which have Dupline® pulse controlled output. The module offers installer-friendly mounting and reliable operation and...

  • Dupline®-powered transmitter. Monostable function. Detects the states of 8 volt free contacts. Especially suitable for applications in places where no power supply is available. GET A QUOTE

  • Dupline® transmitter for exter-nal supply. Detects the states of 8 volt free contacts and signals from devices with open collector NPN transistor output, e.g. inductive proximity switch EI .... N... GET A QUOTE

  • Dupline® transmitter for external supply. Detects the signals from 8 devices with voltage outputs of up to 265 VAC/DC, e.g. the presence of mains supply to machinery. GET A QUOTE

Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items