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Q-Light SPK/QMPS Series

SPK/QMPS Series There are 2 products.

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  • Pannel-attached Sounder with Simple and Clear Sound Tone Which Ensures Accurate Signal TransmissionExternal Diameter : Ø80mmVoltage : DC12V,24VAC110V,220V Pannel-attached sounder with simple and clear sound tone which ensures accurate signal transmission Having the same dimension of attachment hole as it in general...

  • Can prevent cross talk of different voice environments by selecting an audio signal fit for the specific environment and condition Offers both Binary and Bit input mode options with 30 pre-recorded sounds Binary input mode has built-in 30 messages that can be played with switch for sound selection Bit input mode is organized into 6 groups of 5 sound...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items