Co-Hosting SECA Event Dinner with Brother Singapore

On 9th November 2018, partnering with Brother Singapore, we co-hosted the monthly Singapore Electrical Contractors' Association (SECA) dinner. Besides the wonderful food served that day, our friends at SECA were also given a short introduction to Brother's new Industrial Tube Printer range. Subsequently, some of them also had the opportunity to have their own hands-on experience with the tube printers. We hope everyone managed to gain a little insight on how much better the tube printers have become today and more importantly, had a great night. Here are some pictures from our event that day: 

Manufacturing Indonesia 2015

Manufacturing Indonesia 2015 is a comprehensive showcase for the manufacturing machinery, equipment, materials and services industries. Unlike previous years, this year we focus on our HMI and Motion Control equipment. The favourable response we received from the show was more than what we had anticipated. The success of this show could only be attributed to the continuous support from our customers and partners and we'd like to dedicate our special thanks them.


Touchscreen Market Expected to Triple in Size

Recent studies by business intelligence specialist, IDTechEx show that the touchscreen market will continue to grow for the next decade. The company’s research forecasts that over the next 10 years, the market will grow up to a startling three times its current size.

Touchscreens have been advancing for a number of years and are now a common feature in the consumer market such as mobile phones, computing as well as entertainment, gaming and vending applications.

In recent years, design engineers are expected to consider touchscreens as a result of this heightened adoption of the technology and the growing expectations of the end user. However, the adoption of touch solutions in industrial, harsher environments as well as medical applications is only just beginning.

(Industrial Panel PC, Touch Screen Technology News & Reviews, 2012)


Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!


The Growth of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in Industrial Applications




With the continued desire to improve quality and productivity, manufacturers are increasingly implementing Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems into their production processes. Embedded within industrial panel PCs using touch screen technology, HMIs can greatly enhance efficiency in many industrial applications. Through the provision of a graphical interface, they allow manufacturers to control, monitor, diagnose and manage a variety of critical events within a production process.

For instance, an operator can input data into a HMI system and initiate an automated activity that could then function continuously without any further human involvement. This can then enable the operator to perform alternative tasks which contribute to the overall manufacturing objectives. Consequently, these efficiency savings can increase profit margins by reducing the cost of production.

Furthermore, touch screen panel PCs that feature a HMI system are generally found to be more efficient when compared with traditional computers or devices. The type of interactions involved with using a keyboard, pen or mouse click are often considered more time-consuming than an interaction with a touch screen device, so therefore, there is even more scope for improving productivity. However, time saving factors are not the only benefits of a HMI system. An industrial process which utilises the technology also has a greater capacity to carry out more elaborate tasks; as the software can often be expanded to add additional functionality.

Overall, Human Machine Interfaces are becoming more widely used in a number of different industrial environments. Driven by end users’ and manufacturers’ needs to automate more and more processes in order to expand capabilities and maximise production quality, the market for HMI services is one that is predicted to grow exponentially.

(Industrial Panel PC, Touch Screen Technology News & Reviews, 2011)


Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home Visitation

Sharing the joy of CNY and providing for the elders.


SCL Group wishes you a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, SCL Group would like to wish all our stakeholders a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

May the year of the Goat be a calm and harmonious one, as the the chinese zodiac signifies.


Improved Customer Focus is Key to High Quality Service & Customer Retention

“Manufacturing firms must take a more customer-centric view of their businesses. CRM technology can assist manufacturers to more effectively manage their entire sales process from initial enquiry through to product delivery, and providing a consistent view of every customer. This is key to providing high quality aftersales support, improving customer retention levels." – Global Manufacturing, Abigail Phillips 2014

At SCL, We go to great lengths in creating unique customer experience and satisfaction from the initial point-of-contact to aftersales support. Every SCL staff is friendly, helpful and ready to assist our customers any time. Our main objective is to keep response time to the minimum, be it enquiries, quotation, delivery or technical support; because we understand how untimely delays can disrupt business processes.

We have developed our own set of tools through a decade of learning and continuous improvement to help us understand our customers’ businesses and goals to better align our products to their specific needs. We take feedback seriously in order to develop better products and services in the future to come.


Seasons Greetings – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

- From Mr Eric Chew & the SCL Group.


3 – 6 December 2014, The 28th Jakarta International Expo Kemorayan – Jakarta

Machine Tool Indonesia 2014 is the largest International Event in Southeast Asia showcasing the latest technologies in precision engineering and metalworking. The event has been a great success giving us a great opportunity to learn, communicate and understand our customers at a personal level. This invaluable experience will take us a long way to serving you better. Finally, we'd like to thank all our customers and partners for your continuous support.





21 – 24 October 2014, JIExpo Kemayoran – Jakarta.

SCL is excited to be part of Indonesia’s largest International Exhibition for Food, Beverage Technology, Pharma Processing and Packaging Technology with over 400 exhibitors . On it’s 15th year running, the exhibition will feature technologies and systems for Processing, Packaging and Automation. Visit us for a wide range of products and exceptional service.